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In Mestizo, as soon as you enter, smell. And very good. Specifically, cedar and dried vanilla. We always liked to sweeten our dreams and our project is all together made real. Mestizo was born from the passion of three friends for decoration and from the fusion of the different points of view of its founders: Sofía Leirós, Miguel Valcárcel and Luis Puerta.

Mestizo is perfectionism and obsession with giving each piece its value and making sure that all of them form a homogeneous space, a living ecosystem in constant evolution. It is much more than the fashion store in the perfect place in the ideal city. It is a temple of selection and artisan luxury. 300 open-plan square meters dedicated, completely, to imperfect exclusivity.

We form a team that flees from trends and travels tirelessly in search of the best furniture throughout Europe to create a space where the sensory has a leading role that makes the evocations of our customers real.

And we also focus our passion for the most select tastes on the Mestizo Collection, our own selection of custom-designed pieces. A perfect option for those who want the pieces to blend in with their home.

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